sweet little thing (makingyourgrave) wrote,
sweet little thing

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this reminds me of the tigger balloon.

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tigger balloon!
man, i want one. again.
you're a cutie patootie.
haha that guy took for-fucking-ever getting that damn balloon down. damn him!
where is that ?
the street i live on in paris.
oh ok. nice view.
thank you.
where do you live in paris?
actually I'm not in Paris, I'm in Kremlin Bicetre. But I'm thinking about moving, because it's not very fun to live there :)

where do you live in paris ?
i live in the sixieme near the jardin de luxembourg. it's pretty ideal.

i checked out your journal. i can't believe those riot pictures! i'm living in this city and i had no idea people were so upset! i mean, i'm certainly disappointed about the election results too, but wow. i had no idea it was so crazy.
yes, they don't talk a lot about that in the news.
and there's probably more coming :
so i guess sarko's control on the media is effective immediately? this is insanity. i guess i have one reason to look forward to leaving in june.
yes, his control on the medias is not new, and I guess it helped him be elected.

where do you want to leave ?
well i don't want to leave, but my semester abroad has to end eventually. the program i'm in ends this week, but i'm staying until mid-june because i love this city too much to leave right now. then i'm going back to california, where i'm from.
oh you're from california ? I didn't know.

What are you studying ? where are you from in california ?
I've been 6 months in oregon 2 years ago, it was nice :)

Anyway, it's time to sleep now, or I will be very tired tomorow.
yes i'm from berkeley in california. it's near san francisco.
i'm studying theater design and art history. i have no idea what i'm going to do with it.



10 years ago